Honey_Marjoram_ Flower#

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#_Benefits_of_medical and therapeutic

Honey_Marjoram_ Flower#

Herb marjoram or marjoram, known scientifically as (Origanum majorana) is a bilateral strabismus herb belonging to the species (Lamiaceae) any platoon oral, native to the country's south-east of the Mediterranean basin, it is also grown in Germany, which is used as a spice in many types of foods, as used its leaves and flowers and its oil as a medicine, as it contains a volatile oil, and numerous flavonoids (flavonoids), and glycosides Alheidrokuenon (Hhydroquinone glycosides), and derivatives Alkajvic acid (Cajfeic acid derivatives), and vehicles tri terpenes (Triterpenes) effective as materials.


#_Benefits_of_medical and therapeutic Marjoram from multiple benefits Marjoram mention the following:

- the treatment of dyspepsia, where I found some studies conducted on experimental animals that Marjoram raise the secretion of stomach acid and the enzyme pepsin,  and some studies suggest that marjoram improves digestion, but this roles need more scientific research.  

-improve cases of Alzheimer's disease, where some of the studies conducted on laboratory animals have found that antioxidants in the herb marjoram may have positive effects in cases of Alzheimer's disease.  

- found extracts herb marjoram antioxidant effects


 -found some studies continues to associate animals the effects of resistance for gout in the herb marjoram. -fighting cancer, where it can be to extract the herb marjoram resistant to the growth of cancer cells characteristics, in addition to the effects of anti-oxidant. 


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